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In our work shop, we use up-to-date technology and we are qualified to repair and conceive various hydraulic systems.

We added to our expertise the conception and the hydraulic installation of drills, as well as the maintenance of all the models of drills, whether it is in our workshop or on the construction site.

Hydraulique C.L. is a company who combine know-how, high technology and experience!

The shop where we make repairs and manufacturing

A well organised shop with
qualified employees

Jacques Lavoie Hydraulics Specialist

Francois Godbout Hydraulics Specialist

Ghislain Chiasson Hydraulics Specialist
at the test bench

Martin Pierre Côté in charge of
hose fabrication

Gaétan Turgeon at the reception and
delivery of merchandise

Gabriel Lafrenière Hydraulics Specialist

Marc Côté to make a console drill

Joël Valière Hydraulics Specialist